Episode II

I have a pass to a bright and early screening of Monsters Inc. on Saturday, in Renton. I normally wouldn't drive all the way out there just to see a screening, but they're showing the new Episode II teaser trailer before it. Hmmmm.
Waking Life opens in Seattle tomorrow. Hooray!
No one these days says "hooray" anymore. It went the way of whitewashed jeans.
I've taken the plunge and decided to participate in Nanowrimo. So November will be a busy busy month for me. Writing a novel, another wedding to attend, a big transition at work, lots of business trips to L.A., a trip to Boston for Thanksgiving, and then the start of my annual tour of duty at one of our distribution centers to help out for the holiday season. It will be a light month on the weblog, I predict.
I'm trying to add a comment system to my weblog, so that people can attach comments to my blogs, or so that I can go back in time and laugh at foolish things I once wrote. My darn webhost charges a lot for PHP, so I think I have to wait for Blogback or something like that.