Proof Does any car maker


Does any car maker use cooler music in their commercials than
Volkswagen? Love that new one "Big Day" with the guy rushing
to break up the wedding.
Saw Proof tonight with Rachael. It was fantastic. Some
math, though it wasn't really about math. Very well acted.
Contained elements from Fermat's Enigma (elliptical curves)
and A Beautiful Mind (which I've just started reading in
anticipation of the movie).
I'm trying to read lots of books before the movie adaptions
come out. Not just A Beautiful Mind, but Harry Potter,
Lord of the Rings. It may end up just detracting from
the moviegoing experience, but I'm a firm believer that while
a movie can never do certain things which a book is better
suited to do (convey a person's inner thoughts, for example)
the medium of movies does other things much better than
books (a photo is much better than a paragraph of text for
describing physical appearances, locales). If a movie is
not the book, that is not inherently bad. If it is a bad movie,
then that is bad.
So many people I know are applying to schools. Rachael
pointed out that it's not uncommon in times of recession.
I'd be a much better student now than I was back in my
university days.