24 year old Bean

She says she's 24, but I think she's really 17. Damn, and I'm here trying to pluck my gray hairs. Where's the justice? What's her secret? Lots of sleep.
Took Bean to see Ben Folds with Katie who I hadn't seen in ages. They're both Ben Folds fans. I'm a Folds novice. Fun show. Ben Folds has lots of energy. Now I smell like an abandoned disco bar, or a casino carpet.
I felt really ill all day. I had stomach cramps, and then a few times today had dizzy spells. Didn't have breakfast, had a bowl of soup for lunch, and heated some dinner but couldn't stomach it and threw most of it out. During the concert my blood sugar bottomed out, and the smoke and heat started wearing me out. Haven't been sleeping well. I wonder if it's this cold, wet, miserable weather we're experiencing.
A different sort of review for The Corrections.
Poor Astros. Lost again. They've blown something like seven straight saves in the playoffs. Though they were mugged. The home plate umpire had a strike zone wider than Gwyneth Paltrow in a fat suit. Which raises the point, why do we, in this day and age, still expect human beings to judge the strike zone if it's such a critical determinant of wins and losses? Dierker flubbed game one by going to Mike Jackson instead of Octavio Dotel. They probably would've lost anyway. I saw the last Astros series against the Cubs, and Mlicki got shelled, and Oswalt was definitely not right.
Want to talk about some sick pitches? This has happened a few times this year, but it's still amazing to see it happen to a major league hitter. Randy Johnson threw a slider that hit a batter in the foot after he swung and missed. The batter was Albert Pujols, likely rookie of the year, and someone who had homered of Johnson in the first inning. I thought stuff like that only happened in wiffle ball. Oh well, Johnson ended up losing, again. Seven straight losses in the playoffs for currently the best pitcher in the NL. Crazy.
I'm rooting for the A's. Everyone from the GM on down in that org is pretty cool, and I definitely don't want to see the Yankees win it all again. If the A's win, maybe more Billy Beane acolytes will make it into front offices around both leagues, and as a result more teams would be assembled in a smarter fashion. Mark Mulder beat Clemens tonight, which will surprise lots of people but shouldn't. At this point in their careers, Mulder is a batter pitcher than Clemens
and probably one of the top four starters in the American League. I think this is the A's year to win it all.
Some of the Mariners fans are sweating it out. They should win game two, as Finley is washed up and barely passable as a major league starter these days. Game three should be interesting. In Cleveland, with their fans going nuts, and a hittable Aaron Sele on the mound versus rookie 17 game winner C.C. Sabathia. The latter didn't have a great ERA this year but won a ton of games. Why Piniella left Pineiro off the roster I'll never understand. Dumb dumb move.