Itty Bitty MIDI Committee

It's been a while since my last post. I was up at Whistler with my sisters, and my laptop hard drive turned its back on me. My laptop just wouldn't boot. I think the 6 days I was in Whistler was the longest I've gone without Internet access in a year, and it was pretty nice. Conveniently, my laptop started working again when I returned to work this week. My hard drive was giving me therapy!
I bruised my lower back really badly after catching an edge and going down on an ice field in Whistler. I have a hard time walking, and my entire lower back and left hip is just one huge, black bruise. So I have to sleep on my right side at night. But, I went to see the doctor today and X-rays came up negative. I didn't break my pelvis or anything like that. I had to walk from the hospital across town back to work, in the cold rain, but I was grinning like a thief the whole way. Gene Kelly. I'm not knocked out of commission for snowboard season after all. That would have been a horrible way to start 2001. This is the year I become a snowboarder.
I'm in on this Skihaus at Whistler with about 10 other folks at work. It's one of the best things I did, joining up. Seattle and work were so far from my mind while I was up there in Canada. It's a very large house, with a great location, a great view of the mountains, and I felt so relaxed up there. The other folks in on the house are great, real mellow, all quite interesting. Board all day, come back and soak in the hot tub, toss some firewood in the fireplace, whip up a meal in the kitchen, and sit down for a decent meal at the dining room table. After dinner, a mean game of Scrabble, and then curl up with a book or pop in a movie. I could live like that for a while.
Aaron Best, near and dear to my heart, was back in town and we grabbed dinner tonight at the Flying Fish. He brought back his new girlfriend, Roswitha, and we had a sinful feast. I love that restaurant. Aaron has the gift of honest expression. It's too bad he's still not living here in Seattle. He's such a humane, yet somewhat impish, spirit. I am somewhat jealous of his life in London, though.
After dinner we met up with Pete H., Margaret, David Kalil, and Courtney over at Cyclops and just gabbed for a few hours. Pete is also one of the Skihaus crew, and he always has me in stitches. When you absolutely, positively have to have pure, consistent amusement, accept no substitute for Pete. We're going to make a knockoff Warren Miller movie up at Whistler this year and try and sell it through Amazon.
Aaron used to love trying to think up good band names. He's quite good at it. For some reason, my creative juices ran dry. But the table came up with a few decent ones:
Torn Vinyl Flooring
Itty Bitty MIDI Committee (that was Pete's idea for an electronica band)
David's theory is that if you start a band name with "The" that it can be an R&B band name. Pete is partial to two syllable words that are followed by a number, like Level 42, Matchbox 20, UB40.
The Fed cut interest rates today, by 50 basis points. So all in all, I would put today in the record books as a win. Fly the W flag over Wrigley.