Letting go

Supposed to be in Whistler, enjoying the 10 inches of fresh pow that came down Sunday, but had to cut the trip short cuz of late-breaking work stuff. Oh well. The weekend at Whistler was still a beaut. I'm finally starting to feel halfway competent boarding down the hills, and the feeling of ripping down the mountain is awesome.
The key for me was letting go. I was holding back my weight when going down the mountain because I didn't feel comfortable with the speed, the pull of gravity. At the top of one of my first few runs, I just made a conscious decision to just let myself drop into the fall line of the mountain. Everytime I was about to complete a turn, I'd whisper the name of something I wanted to let go, some demon, and then just commit to the turn.
In some zen-like mind-body confluence, I felt myself letting go of emotional anchors while going faster and faster down the mountain. Of course, then Pete tried to lead me into some jumps, and I blew up a few times. Still not ready to take flight in life yet, I guess.
Bill and I took Jason and Jamie up there. It was their first time to Whistler, and I think they were impressed. I'm turning into a Whistler addict. The snowboarding is amazing up there. I never think about work. Just board all day, relax at the house with a book by the fire, listening to music from some band I've never heard of (thx to the music teamers), watching an occasional movie. It's my Martha's Vineyard. Can't wait to head up again.
Jennifer Capriati won the Australian Open! I distinctly remember sitting around with the tennis team in high school, watching her play Seles in the U.S. Open when she was 15 or something. That was almost ten years ago. She lost that match and disappeared with drug problems for a long time, and now she's all the way back and a Grand Slam winner. It blows my mind, how young she still is, and how old it makes me feel. Good for her.
Brian was over for an anime night. We watched bits from Ninja Scroll, our favorite anime film, and we also watched Vampire Hunter D, which neither of us had seen before. It's funny, because we've been planning it for a year, ever since he watched Princess Mononoke and was blown away. It's good to have different friends with different tastes in films. It means you usually never have to watch any flicks by yourself.
Akira comes out on DVD this year. About time!
I spoke to Dan today, and he's coming back to Seattle. That guy is truly a nomad. He redirects himself more than anyone I know. A few months ago he was going to move to Cincinnati. Then suddenly he's in New York, about to enroll at NYU. Then it was Charleston, where he was going to take classes at the College of Charleston. Then, today I found him driving across New Mexico, having just crossed through Roswell. He's on his way back to Seattle now, with plans to enroll at UW, write, and sail. Cool. It will be good to have another of the wolves around to run with on the weekends. What a character. He should be around this weekend. Fun.
Chatting with a Drugstore employee, I learned that two of their topselling items are Viagra and Propecia. It's amazing how much money you can make in this world, capitalizing on people's fears of sexual dysfunction, obesity, and baldness.
Traveling to L.A. at the end of this week. For once, I'm looking forward to getting a bit of sun down there. Seattle from November to June is 44 degrees and cloudy.