Buckaroo Tavern

About two years ago, I lived in Fremont, a neighborhood north of Seattle. One night, my roommate and I noticed a movie being shot down the street from our house, outside the Buckaroo Tavern. We walked down to watch. Scott, his girlfriend Jane, my friend Derek (staying with me for the summer), and me. We didn't find out what was being shot that night. They were finishing the film, as the whole crew started celebrating after they shot the scene, which involved couple bikers riding off on Harleys.
I finally figured it out tonight, on Christmas Eve 2000. It was "Ten Things I Hate About You". I just saw the scene I watched them film that night. It flashed by as I was channel surfing. It was such a tiny scene. I'm amazed at how large the crew was that night. If filmmaking always involved such a large crew, I don't think I'd want to be involved.
Last night I saw Billy Elliot with Laura before she left for Chicago. I enjoyed it, in the end. It took me a while to understand the film and where its center lay, but once I did it won me over.
Now that Laura's gone, I'm the Last of the Mohicans. I remember this Far Side, the caption was Last of the Mohicans. It depicted an Indian poking his head out of a tent, saying "Hello? Anyone there? Hello?" Or something like that.