Some things never change

I just saw an ad for the new episode of the Simpsons tonight, and they mentioned dodge balls. Those hard, red, rubber balls with the light, scarred texture, used in elementary school for playing dodge ball. I wonder if they still use those in school.
And what was with that sport, dodge ball, anyway? What a violent sport, hucking those rubber rocks at each other as hard as possible. Boy, it was fun, though.
Another ad just showed on TV, for a new Wes Craven film, Vampire 2000. It seems like every year, John Carpenter or Wes Craven come out with some vampire movie. They are all the same. Any movie with a title that includes the year it is released will probably be lousy. It is a confession of its own mediocrity. I will only be relevant for a small audience in this, the year I am released.