The Weeknd - Trilogy

The Weeknd is the stage name of Canadian R&B singer Abel Tesfaye. Marie introduced me to him a while ago, and his first three albums topped the charts in Eugene's driving soundtrack for months on end. Tesfaye has a great voice, and his music just sounds...dangerous. Naughty. A cocktail of drugs and sex.

He released his first three albums for free on the web at his website, and you don't have to look far to find them. But much to my joy, he's issuing a remastered version of his trilogy with 3 bonus tracks on a CD titled simply Trilogy. I know, I'm one of the 7 people in the world who still buy CDs, but only as a delivery mechanism for higher quality digital audio files. MP3s make my ears bleed, and Tesfaye's voice deserves better.

Besides, $11.99 for the equivalent of 3 full-length CDs of stuff this good is a bargain.