Sorry for the broken links

I just realized that for the past week or so, the Squarespace blog post editor has not been saving the hyperlinks I've inserted into my posts. Apologies for any clicks that just didn't lead anywhere. I submitted a ticket to Squarespace a few days ago and haven't heard back yet. In the meantime I've fixed all the broken links I've found.

Squarespace 6 has some positives, but it's not perfect. Among the issues that really bother me is the editor which you're forced to use to type and submit posts. It's buggy, has a bunch of layout issues, and for creating posts with a bunch of mixed media, forces you to build it in content blocks that feel way more complicated than just allowing users to submit an HTML post. Squarespace 6 doesn't allow posting via XML-RPC, so I can no longer use more user-friendly third-party blog editors to post.

User expectations are higher when we're paying.