If The New Yorker were set in Paris

Last January, the French graphic artists Aurélie Pollet and Michael Prigent, living in Paris and “entourés d’artistes,” invited illustrators to envision the Gallic capital. Under the imprimatur of their association, La Lettre P, they gave them, Prigent told me last week, “a carte blanche to express with the greatest possible force their vision of Paris in an image”—all this “with the covers of The New Yorker in mind.” In implicit homage, Pollet continued, “we wanted to imagine the covers of an imaginary magazine: The Parisianer.”

This weekend, from Friday, December 20th to Monday the 23rd, the Galerie de la Cité Internationale des Arts, in Paris, will display a hundred imagined covers of the no longer quite so imaginary The Parisianer: energetic, surprising, sometimes poetic images by cartoonists and illustrators from France, Italy, England, and Belgium. Concerts, signings, activities, and ateliers are open to the public. An accompanying exhibition catalogue will be on sale, too, from the very Frenchly titled site KissKissBankBank.

As covered by the source of the inspiration, The New Yorker.

I love these and would love to see other iconic cities riff on The New Yorker cover. The exhibition catalogue for the Parisianer was available from a French version of Kickstarter called KissKissBankBank but that project has closed now. The book will be available for sale in March of 2014, and some other images not shown in the New Yorker article can be found at the Parisianer website.