My one New Year's resolution for 2017

Those of you who've been loyal readers in the past may have noticed I didn't write much here in 2016. I started a new job which kept me extremely busy. Virtual reality is a very young space, and video and filmmaking in VR are even more nascent. It's an area you can dive really deep and find you've just gone far enough to get lost.

With just a little less time in the day, and work can fill all the free moments, every post I start is a bit more likely to be abandoned midway. There's a certain amount of potential energy every one of my posts requires to push it into publishable form. I often wish I had an editor who would just read my drafts and prod me (and them) into a finished state. In the past, that editor was me, but that role has fallen to the wayside.

Also, no matter how many times you tell people that your views represent your own and not those of your employer, someone will frame some story that way. Given how many people and entities I deal with through my job, it's hard to say much without feeling vulnerable to so many PR gotchas. That left me generally reticent to dip into the fray, though I have the same volume of opinions on matters tech or otherwise..

My one and only resolution for 2017 is to resume regular posting here. I should set a measurable goal, so I'll set a target of one post a week. By my past standards, easily achievable, but given last year's pace, more daunting than it might sound.

I do so as much for myself as for any imagined readers. As many who study Amazon know, Jeff Bezos banned Powerpoint presentations and forced everyone who would present to him to put their ideas into essay form. There's much wisdom in that, not only because so much time is wasted in the presentation production process, but because the process of writing forces you to clarify your thinking.

All those hours spent reworking a draft? That's the mind at work. The most popular time of year for a gym is January, and the first quarter of the year in general. Writing, to me, is exercise, just for the mind. So I'm joining everyone who hit the gym today by sitting here in front of my keyboard. It feels healthy.