BauBax travel jacket

The BauBax travel jacket is the most funded clothing project in Kickstarter history. It comes in four models (blazer, windbreaker, bomber, sweatshirt) and comes with features like a built-in neck pillow, eye mask, and Gloves, earphone holders, a drink pocket, and a zipper that turns into a pen or stylus. I'm going to venture it's the nerdiest jacket ever created.

The zipper pen is described thus:

Your zipper is now smart, useful and social. It's a 1 inch pen that extends to 4 inches - great way for making new friends.

“Looks like you could use a pen to fill out your customs declaration form. And to write down my Snapchat username.”

It's rare that form and function cohere in an elegant way, though if I were to name two places they do off the top of my head I'd point to the iPhone and some of the modern sneakers worn by people who don't use them for running but for general comfort.