Everyday messenger bag

I've backed a ton of Kickstarter projects in my day, and experience tells me that projects that require electronics and hardware almost never ship on time. They are almost always manufactured somewhere in China, and somewhere along the line, some part doesn't come back the way the creators hoped, and it's back to the drawing board, and the promised release date becomes a joke, albeit not an amusing one for either party.

Physical goods that don't require electronics, however, have shipped on time more often than not. Fashion items, for example. Thus I'm hopeful to receive one of these Everyday Messenger Bags by the end of 2015, hopefully before Christmas vacation.

I've long wanted a bag that would hold both a 13" to 15" Macbook Pro and a camera body plus a few lenses. This looks like it might fit the bill, and the latest update includes a potentially clever tripod carrying solution.

Check out the video below and/or the Kickstarter page for more detail.