Beware of pickpockets

The Financial Times published a masterclass with pickpocket James Freedman 

Freedman's five tips for avoiding pickpockets:

1. Carry your Oyster card or travel ticket separately to avoid flashing your wallet or purse unnecessarily.
2. Don’t stand near the doors on a bus or train. These are prime spots for pickpockets.
3. Pickpockets often hang around near “Beware of Pickpockets” signs and then watch people instinctively tap their pockets, to pinpoint the valuables.
4. Don’t use the same PIN for all your bank cards and your phone.
5. Don’t keep your driving licence with your credit cards. Losing your cards is bad enough without giving the thief your address, full name and date of birth too

More on pickpocketing: this excellent profile of Apollo Robbins in The New Yorker, and a few links that are still relevant.