Far and near future sci-fi

Enjoyed this tweetstorm from Noah Smith a short while back. Here's a cleaner version of it, though it doesn't look embeddable. I'll have to do this the hard way, then:

Having tried lots of demos recently, I wonder if VR will inspire a growth spurt in near-feature sci-fi movies just because it is more cinematic and compelling on screen than most of today's tech in which the primary action consists of a programmer typing on a keyboard.

Steven Spielberg is set to direct the movie adaptation of Ready Player One next, and I see it as a natural spiritual successor to Minority Report, which contained a lot of ideas from futurists that Spielberg gathered for a brainstorm session prior to production. Minority Report felt like medium-term sci-fi when it came out, and it's already clear that many of its predictions were off. From a technological point of view, if not a social one, Ready Player One reads like very-near-term sci-fi.

There's a shortage of good near-term sci-fi in the movies, often because the filmmaking cycle (from idea to spec script to script to the option to years of sitting cold to finally going into production) is still so much longer than the actual technology industry cycle. Given the momentum of VR now, it's time to mine this fertile ground for more high concept movies that explore the norms after mass adoption of the technology. Given the incredible price pressure on VFX shops in Hollywood, many of which are closing up or suffering margin compression, a spurt of movies featuring a lot of VR scenarios would be a welcome supply of work, too.

I realized the other day that I will watch, in my lifetime, a VR movie about VR technology. I'm excited. No spoilers please.