Star Wars Battlefront

I haven't played a video game in years. I don't miss it, though some of the virtual reality games I've demoed recently are so immersive that the novelty could lure me back in. Console games, though? That time of my life may have passed for good.

But then I watched this promo video for Star Wars Battlefront with my brother, and, well, my heart started to race. And then at 4:34 of the video, something happens that made me gasp, and a few seconds later my brother and I were screaming like idiots and searching online for the best deal on a Playstation 4.

I'm setting aside a bond now as a reservation for down payment when the virtual reality version of a Star Wars game comes to pass and I don my goggles and hand controllers to march into a lightsaber battle. It may be the most enticing reason for me to maintain some level of flexibility and physical agility as the years go by.