Spot the sniper

Given the unbelievable opening weekend box office of American Sniper, this photo series titled Camouflage is timely. Simon Menner worked with German military to stage scenes in which a sniper or soldier camouflages themselves. Can you spot the sniper in these without any clues? In every photo, the sniper is taking aim at the viewer/camera.

If you click through to Menner's site you get clues to help you find the sniper, but even with those I really couldn't spot them that cleanly. The most visible element is usually the round end of the rifle barrel, but without a red circle over them I have no idea if I've spotted the right thing.

In the movies like Blackhat or American Sniper, the telltale giveaway is always a brief flare when the sun hits the scope on the rifle or binoculars, but without that I have no idea how you spot them short of superhuman vision.