Borrowed palettes

forum of 'code golfers'—programmers who create and solve creative programming puzzles for kicks—are using code to break classic art works down to their base pixels, then rebuild them to look like other classic artworks. The resulting images show us, for example, what Grant Wood's American Gothic would look like if painted in the bright oranges and blacks Edvard Munch used in The Scream, or what the Mona Lisa would look like if DaVinci had run out of all his paints, save for the colors in Van Gogh's Starry Night. Take, for example, Mona Lisa morphing into the Wood's classic.

(via thecreatorsproject)

More examples at the originating Code Golf thread.

Has Jeff Koons recreated one of these classic paintings as a massive mosaic of emoji yet? The smiling pile of poop emoji offers a dark brown for your palette, and there is no shortage of yellows with all those smiley faces.