The morphology of the Rocky movies

Cool interactive visualization of the plot structure of the six Rocky movies. Dragging the sliders across the timeline of each movie allows you to see a thumbnail frame from the movie at that moment.

There are, in fact, only a few basic narrative elements that make up the formula for all six Rocky films. Using empirical data collection (i.e. watching the six movies over six days straight), Rocky Morphology analyzes the Rocky series in order to identify its key narrative elements.

It’s interesting to see the battle between dialogue, montage and fighting throughout each film. Dialogue beats out training and fighting in the first two Rocky films, but fighting and montage occupy the most time in Rocky III and Rocky IV. Rocky V favors dialogue over fighting — undisputedly slowing its pace next to the previous films. In the final round, Rocky sticks with dialogue over fighting but — “it ain’t over ‘till it’s over” — Rocky delivers one last montage and fight scene to close out the series and complete the Rocky Morphology.

Amazon has X-ray for movies powered by IMDb, but it's still largely metadata about actors. Eventually perhaps they'll have a version of X-ray for video that is more like what they have for books. That is, you'd be able to tap a character and get a visual timeline of every moment of the movie that character is onscreen.