Giving Tuesday

Just in time for Giving Tuesday, GiveWell has updated its list of top charities:

Our top charities are (in alphabetical order):

We have recommended all four of these charities in the past.

We have also included four additional organizations on our top charities page as standout charities. They are (in alphabetical order):

In the case of ICCIDD, GAIN-USI, and DMI, we expect to learn substantially more in the coming years (both through further investigation and through further progress by the organizations); we see a strong possibility that these will become top-tier recommended charities in the future, and we can see reasons that impact-minded donors could choose to support them today.


Based on this allocation, for any donors looking to give as we would, we recommend an allocation of $5 to AMF, $1 to SCI, $1 to GiveDirectly and $.50 to DtWI for every $7.50 given.

It's worth reading through the entire post to understand how they make their decisions and to learn about key principles such as diminishing marginal returns and the funding gap.