Get yourself some British TV

If you want to catch the original before watching the American remake, which David Fincher directs for HBO (Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn will handle the scripts), you can now get the British TV series Utopia on all-region Blu-ray discs. Amazon has it listed as available from a third party seller as well, though at a higher price.

I ordered a copy, can't wait until it shows up.

Speaking of British TV, Jon Hamm has agreed to star in the 90 minute Black Mirror Christmas Special. If you missed season one of Black Mirror, a sort of Twilight Zone-esque anthology of stories exploring the dark side of modern technology, it's on PAL DVD. I subscribe to DirecTV and by some act of God they happened to license the first two seasons. I don't know how I heard about the series but thankfully programmed my DVR to capture the series.

BBC and Channel 4 in the UK really need to get with the times and just release their great TV series day-and-date in the U.S., whether on BBC America or another channel.

Also, unless you're truly befuddled by British accents, watch the original Broadchurch, not its weaker American remake Gracepoint.