Tracking shot over a sea of desks

[WARNING: Minor plot spoiler for The Wolf of Wall Street included below. Not a critical plot point by any stretch, but I'm hyper sensitive to spoilers]

Billy Wilder first paid tribute to King Vidor's silent film The Crowd with a tracking shot gliding over a sea of desks in his masterpiece The Apartment.

Every generation deserves its tracking shot over a sea of desks, and ours is the one Martin Scorsese provides in The Wolf of Wall Street. It occurs just after Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) gives a speech to his firm firing them up to pump Steve Madden stock (it was their firm's first IPO and Belfort owned a majority of the Steve Madden's equity through friends). After Belfort concludes his impassioned speech with a rousing denouement screamed at the top of his lungs, the camera takes off from the front of the office where Belfort has been standing and flies through the office over row and row of desks of stockbrokers smiling and dialing and pumping Steve Madden stock to naive investors. Nearing the end of the office it then backtracks back over all the desks, all the time taking in the chaos of a boiler room operating at full steam.

The tech industry may be next to earn such a shot. I picture a tracking shot soaring over row and row of a mixture of seated and standing desks, half the workers wearing headphones while tapping away furiously at their ergonomic keyboards.