California's silly food handling law

A great sushi chef in another state once complained to me about a health code violation he'd received for making sushi without gloves. "Making sushi with gloves is like making love with a condom," he said. "It just isn't the same." Well, as of Jan. 1, California's law has changed so that there can no longer be any bare-handed contact with foods that won't be cooked. That means baked goods, salads - and yes, even sushi. 

More here. Offensive to both libertarians and sushi fans.

I'm all for hand washing in restaurants, and I do so at home before prepping food, but I would hate having to wear single-use gloves to cook. The tactile feedback from touching and handle ingredients with your fingers and hands is very useful. By feel I can grab the same pinch of salt each time, sense how ripe a vegetable is, feel whether a steak is medium rare. A glove removes some of that sensitivity.

There's a meaningful debate to be had on California's foie gras ban, but this new law is just silly.