The chemical composition of socioeconomic stratification

A new study in Environmental International looked at the association between income level and the presence of 179 toxicants. It found that the Poverty Income Ratio was associated with 18 chemicals—with different toxins found in both the poor and the rich.

Individuals with higher socioeconomic status had higher levels of mercury and arsenic. I would’ve expected higher levels of silver poisoning from the spoons they’re born with in their mouths, but apparently argyria isn’t much of a problem these days.

Those of lower socioeconomic status had higher levels of lead, cadmium and three types of phthalates—compounds commonly found in plastics.

The reasons for these disparate chemical levels point to disparate lifestyles and environments.

From here. Important data  should you ever have to resort to cannibalism. Just like wines, I guess humans taste of their terroir.