Picking on movie trailers, especially those from summer spectacle movies, seems silly. 

And yet I can't stop being bothered every time I see the trailer for Pacific Rim and Idris Elba pronounces, "We're canceling the apocalypse!" 

Cancel? I'd be the foot soldier in the back, snickering at the odd choice of words.

My other recent trailer nit: in the trailer for White House Down, when we see the back of someone facing a bank of computer screens and see him raise his arms and shout, "Showtime!"

Because all evil computer hackers (I assume that's who that stock character is) in the movies are flamboyant showmen who love to hack with flair. Why not put him in a Monopoly man top hat and tuxedo with tails?

Now, having said all that, if, in White House Down, Jamie Foxx throws a terrorist out of Air Force One and proclaims, "You've been vetoed!" I'm all in favor of that.