The invisible bike helmet

Watch to the end of the video to see just how they made it invisible. Very clever.

After you've watched the video, you can go to the online shop if you're interested in purchasing one. It's not cheap, but I was shocked that it's actually purchasable already. I just assumed it was just an industrial design concept.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like you can ship it to outside of Europe yet (once you've seen how it works you'll understand why). Also, should you need it to save your head during a fall, you won't be able to use it again. It's a one-time insurance policy.

That's not too different from most bike helmets, however. I had a serious bike accident once and my helmet cracked, and even if it hadn't, it's not recommended to keep using a helmet that's been in a fall. The structural integrity might be compromised.

I wish I had been wearing one of these invisible bike helmets when I had that accident, actually. It would have saved me some face on gravel contact that left me, for a period, looking like that guy from Boardwalk Empire with the half face mask.

This helmet addresses one of the problems with laws requiring bike helmets: many people hate wearing bike helmets and so they just don't bother cycling at all. I completely understand the statistics supporting the idea of not requiring bike helmets in order to spur more cycling instead of driving. However, having been in that one bad accident, one that had the hospital suspecting for a while that I had broken my neck, I have a mental block against riding without a helmet, invisible or not.