NBA players in short sleeves?

A coworker shared this at work: the Golden State Warriors are going to debut a short sleeve jersey in their game Feb. 22, and they'll wear it for two more games this season.

Though that's what the majority of recreational players wear to play basketball, I've gotten so used to seeing pro basketball players in tank tops that the idea sounds strange.

If the idea spreads and sticks, though, it may be economic reasons and not fashion reasons that lead the way. Says an Adidas executive in the article:

"Fans like the opportunity to wear a short-sleeve shirt to the games to support their team but also high school kids can wear in the hallways to the mall. It's a great solution for fans to support their teams."

It's easier for kids to wear short sleeve shirts than tank tops. Not mentioned, but perhaps also relevant: shot sleeves provide a bit of additional real estate for ad decals to be affixed should the NBA ever go that route for an additional revenue stream.

Should the NBA ever go down that road, however, they may face a bit of resistance from NBA players, so many of whom have invested a lot of money in elaborate shoulder tattoos, all of which would no longer get much airtime on TV.