I said I'd try to write one post a day for the month, but I missed the past two days. In my defense, I've been really sick, unable to stand up because I'm woozy and feverish, my sinuses so congested with mucus it's like trying to breathe through a straw submerged in wet mud. It has felt worse than normal because staring at bright screens and trying to focus on them has been giving me a headache so I'm consigned to listening to music in my headphones. Not being plugged in to information is very difficult, this must be what addiction feels like.

It does strike me that the same way the digital signs that tell you how long until the next train or bus comes makes the wait more tolerable, if not perceptually shorter, some device I could stick my finger into that would tell me what ailed me and an estimate of how long until my immune system would overcome it would make this whole ordeal more tolerable. Even if it were a wild guess on the part of the device, just spit out of a random number generator, the placebo effect would probably have some beneficial effect.