31 Days of December

November passed, and this year I'd forgotten about Nanowrimo, the annual tradition of trying to write a novel in the month of November, which also happens to be the month in which people try to grow moustaches for charity. Both are difficult, and I've never completed either.

I tried to complete Nanowrimo one year; I started strong, like a rookie marathon runner carried away by the exuberance of all the surrounding participants, the newness of it all. After a week I was several thousand words ahead. Of course I proceeded to crash hard and miss the deadline by a wide margin.

But it was a good exercise in the power of habit and steady, incremental effort, and so I'm going to try something on a smaller scale this month: a post on my blog every day. Though it seems eminently achievable, I have not, in all the years I've had a blog, ever achieved this.

It's often less about finding the time or about writer's block as it is about forcing myself to think critically about something every day outside of work and then pushing every post and line of thought to conclusion instead of abandoning ship midway to check Twitter or Instagram or my email.

Today marks one.