The ultimate World Chess Championship viewing setup

Indeed, although we gave our heartfelt recommendations for the best experience possible, there is one way to make it even better: two screens. Before you close this article feeling you will not be able to use this How-To guide, first scroll down and look at the list of requirements since the two screens do not need to be two monitors.

First, you need to know why this setup truly beats a single screen setup. The official site, as well as, will be providing live high-definition video coverage of the players, boards and more, There is no question that watching the game live on Playchess with grandmaster commentary is as good as it gets, but if you have ever seen the great video coverage offered by some events such as the Tal Memorial, you also know that being able to see the players, their expressions, their concentration and their nervousness, brings an added dimension to the viewing. Choosing either this or the board and analysis becomes a question of pros and cons, gives and takes. But what if you did not have to choose between them, and could watch both at the same time? You can!

The full scoop here. I never played chess much growing up so I wonder if I'd appreciate the matches. Still, I'm tempted to try.

We live in an age in which you can watch almost anything online, from sex to people playing Starcraft to people just living their everyday lives. The next frontier, as indicated by examples like this proposed chess setup, the NFL Sunday Ticket Red Zone channel, or hole cameras in poker broadcasts, is even more enhanced viewing experiences. To compete with these great experiences, sports stadiums are going to have to up their game in a big way. As one example, I can barely get a signal from the AT&T Park wifi network during games. Someday that will be an expected amenity at every park.