The Searzall is an attachment that “turns a blowtorch into a hand-held supercharged instant-power broiler.” For those who like to sous vide in the kitchen at home, there are usually a few methods to achieve that final sear on the item being cooked (as any good cook knows, the Maillard Reaction is key to achieving maximum flavor).

One of these is to use a blowtorch, but the problem is that it can add a subtle but odd flavor to your food. You can also heat a skillet or pan on the stove to the point when your oil is rippling and smoking, but many people don't have a home range powerful enough to achieve the high temperature necessary to get a beautiful sear. If your pan isn't hot enough, by the time you achieve a nice sear the middle of the meat is overcooked, ruining the whole reason for sous vide in the first place.

I usually use my range to sear, it works well enough, but the Searzall promises to be the most versatile method to sear a wide range of food items. It looks very steampunk, too. I just backed the project on Kickstarter.