For Your Consideration

The Academy can save some money on greenscreening Seth MacFarlane's head popping up out of Noomi Rapace's stomach for the Oscar opening number. They can just play this video and then cut to Anne Hathaway for reaction shots, for which she'll be well-rehearsed, I'm sure.

Full disclosure, I have not yet seen Les Misérables [please read that with French pronunciation, dear readers]. After watching the above video 60 times on loop, with no break, I feel like I have, though.

It will be hard for her to escape these accusations of disingenuous surprise given how much want she exudes. However, on Oscar night, if Hathaway suddenly breaks into song during her acceptance speech and spends three minutes singing a rehearsed thank you speech, managing to harmonize with the orchestra's shoo-off music at the same time as she completely ignores it, I will be the first to lead the standing ovation.

♫ Do it for me ♫

♫ Anne with an E ♫