Everyone is talking about Lebron James tackling a lucky guy who made a half-court shot to win $75,000, and it is indeed a great moment. If you play basketball, you'll understand how that is perhaps one of the single most difficult ways to make a half-court shot, with a skyhook.

But I'm more amazed by the way this guy made a half court shot. First of all, how is this physically possible? I've never seen a basketball behave that way. Has anyone else?

Also, technically, he was past the half-court line, but given what happened after he threw the basketball, I'd give him the prize money, which turned out to be only $1,000.

Only $1,000? If you're going to make a half-court shot, remember to do it in Miami and not Atlanta. I realize the cost of living in Miami is higher than in Atlanta, but not by 75X.