The Sound and the Fury (limited edition)

Everyone is gaga over the single edition Leica M to be designed by Jony Ive for a charity auction, but let's be honest, none of us will lay hands on it. I'm far more disappointed I didn't hear about this limited edition Folio Society version of Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury earlier. 1,480 copies were made, and they're sold out.

Faulkner was well aware that readers would find it difficult, and employed italic and roman type to convey its ‘unbroken-surfaced confusion’, but when his agent attempted to standardise and simplify the system this prompted an angry objection from Faulkner. He quickly jotted down eight time-levels in Benjy’s section, ‘just a few I recall’, and wished that it could be ‘printed the way it ought to be with different color types’, but he concluded pessimistically, ‘I don’t reckon … it’ll ever be printed that way’.
‘I wish publishing was advanced enough to use colored ink… I’ll just have to save the idea until publishing grows up to it’ — WILLIAM FAULKNER

Not an easy novel to read, but still my favorite book of all time for sheer brilliance of writing, and nothing else has come close in recent memory. The bookmark for this Folio Society edition has a key for what dates are referred to by what color print, especially useful for the Benjy section. I'm all for making the novel more accessible to a wider set of readers, and this is a clever way to tackle the issue.

Bookmark has a key to the date for each color of print

If someone has a copy and would like to sell it, leave a comment!