Friends don't let friends watch TV with motion smoothing

Via Kottke, so this feels extra redundant, but it's an issue I feel strongly about so I'm reposting this link as a form of public service message. Stu Maschwitz walks you through why so many modern TVs make beautiful movies look like they were shot on a home camcorder (every TV manufacturer has its own name for the feature, but they're all doing motion smoothing).

It's a shame that Pioneer got out of the TV-making business. Their Kuro plasma TVs were widely agreed to be some of the greatest TVs ever made, with unbelievably dark blacks. My TV is a Pioneer Kuro Elite from many years back, and it still blows away the TVs I see in stores today.

They weren't cheap, but considering how many hours the average American spends in front of the TV set, the cost can be amortized across a massive base of enjoyment.