Apple stock as a hedge

Many people seem upset when Apple prices its products too high, or too low. Others are upset at the relentless pace of Apple product releases because they either make previous generations of  products seem obsolete too quickly or inspire such gadget lust that people find themselves spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on Apple gear regularly.

Here's my tip: buy some shares of Apple stock.* I've spent a healthy chunk of change with Apple every year now for years and years, but my guilt is assuaged by Apple's consistently strong stock price performance (I've owned Apple stock for that same period of time). The stock feels like a hedge of sorts against my personal spending on their products.

* I'm being facetious, of course, and won't give out serious stock purchase advice here, but I'm serious about their share appreciation offsetting some of my Apple spending guilt. Every time Apple holds a keynote event I can feel my credit card in my wallet heating up, like the Sankara stones from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.