Hwang Min Woo

That's the name of the 5 year old dancing kid from Psy's Gangnam Style video. I googled "who is the dancing kid from the gangnam style video" and the results were not helpful, just dozens of links to people's kids doing the Gangnam Style dance moves. Please don't post any more videos of your kids doing Psy's "riding the pony" move to the open web unless they are at least three standard deviations above normal; the rest of you please leave that stuff on Facebook.

The Wikipedia page for the video helped me track his name down, though. Here's an early appearance of his on Korea's Got Talent. And here's another video of him dancing: the title "Mini Shindong (SuJu) dance 'Bonomana'" refers to Shindong of Korean pop sensation Super Junior. The only reason I know that is that Marie is a K-Pop expert, and on some road trips I've heard more than my fair share of her K-Pop playlists. Here's one last video of Hwang Min Woo, near the height of his powers, dancing to some Michael Jackson. This may or may not have been the performance that landed him the Gangnam Style cameo.

Gangnam Style is at over 442 million views now. What can we learn from it? That music videos still matter? Or maybe nothing. If it had been in English, with lyrics most of the non-Korean world understood, I'm not sure it would be as popular as it is. Something about its mysteriousness is core to its popularity. People dancing bizarrely, a 5 year old breakdancing kid, the lyrics no one understood,  a catchy pop tune, that satisfying beat of silence before the satisfying response, with its musical lilt: oppa gangnam style.

There should be a Lexicon Valley podcast on why it's so enjoyable to say "oppa gangnam style". Sometimes I just drop it into conversations, just as a general expression of happiness.

Someone: "They can seat us for dinner right away!"

Me: "Oppa gangnam style!"