OLN interview with Lance Armstrong

The Paceline has a transcript of OLN's post-Tour interview with Lance Armstrong. It's split into five parts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), and it's worth the free registration to access them.
In particular, it answers a few open questions I had.
For example, what did Ullrich say to Lance after the descent from Col de la Croix Fry? Jan wanted Lance and Floyd to work with him, but Lance rightly urged Jan to pull since he had the most to gain on Basso that day.
Is it true Levi wants to rejoin US Postal? Lance was coy but made it known he'd love to have more Americans back together on Discovery Cycling. Personally, I think Rabobank does not have the right team to support Levi in his effort to win a major Tour (he rode too many kms alone this year to crack the podium), so rejoining a stronger team like Postal/Discovery would be smart.
Why didn't Lance gift Kloden stage 17 in the sprint? "...from the beginning of the Tour I said there are not going to be any gifts this Tour, I have done it as often as possible in most Tours and I never get paid back, in fact you end up getting slapped in the face for it..." I watched that stage end on Eurosport, and afterwards Lance recounted in French in an interview that Hinault had congratulated Lance on the podium afterwards and said, "Pas de cadeaux."
Phonak looked so strong, what went wrong? It didn't help that they used 19 mm tires during the team trial. As Lance puts it, "In the Team Time Trial they would have been close even with 3 or 4 flat tires, the only thing I go to there is: it was a terrible day, terrible weather