Spider cents (and dollars)

Seems that most of the media is up in arms over MLB's decision to strike a marketing deal with Columbia Pictures to promote Spider-Man 2 with logos on bases and on-deck circles. Even Ralph Nader is decrying this travesty against the sacred field of play of America's pastime (I guess his campaign isn't occupying too much of his time).
Very strange, this outcry. First of all, none of the fans will be able to see these logos on the bases unless the entire base is painted. The only fans with an angle to see the top of the bases will be in the upper deck, and they'll be too far away to make out the logo.
Second, baseball and all sports are already overrun with advertising. At Safeco Field the entire scoreboard is surrounded by ads. Every piece of scoreboard entertainment, even the scoreboard itself, is sponsored. Stadiums are named after corporations. Stadium giveaways are always sponsored. The manager signals to the bullpen for a reliever? That's sponsored. Bowl games are no longer referred to by their non-corporate nicknames alone (e.g. Nokia Sugar Bowl). On television, pre-game shows, graphics, and regular features such as trivia questions are all sponsored.
Frankly, I'm surprised they don't place ads above urinals so I have something to look at while I pee ("This pee brought to you by Budweiser, literally").