I received two unexpected checks in the mail this past week. One was a check for about $19 from Google's AdSense. It's not much when spread over the 9 months I've posted links, but it about matches my Amazon Associates commissions over a similar time period, and I've only posted the Google links on two infrequently updated pages of my site.
The other check was for $13.86 from the lawsuit against the music companies for CD minimum advertised price antitrust activity (read: the labels collaborated on price fixing), a suit brought by the Attorneys General of 43 states and 3 territories. I had filed my claim online at a website dedicated to the lawsuit.
About a year ago, I also got a modest refund on my DirecTV bill simply for filling out and returning a postcard that had been mailed to me to notify me of a class action lawsuit against DirecTV related to one of their sports packages. These class action lawsuits where I do almost nothing and money falls into my lap are the antimatter that compensate for all the rebates with the onerous redemption requirements which I forget to fulfill. If I can only qualify for more of these class action lawsuits, I may never have to work again.